Yoga for a Herniated Disc

If you have a Herniated Disc and want to know something that hepls you reduce the pain, then watch this Yoga clip. It will help you somewhat.

Feelings from some friends

Nany Tebh - this is a great yoga.  I have scietica and severe back pain.  I did this yoga three times and the pain went a way. I wasn't able to stand without help,  but now I can stand and move with minor pain.

Erin Vasey-Cooper - This is wonderful! I have a serious problem with two of my discs in my back and am in so much pain every day. I decided to take up yoga and this is perfect for me, it really helps me relax and I feel a lot better because of your video, thank you so much <3 x

Caroline Clarke - This has been so good for me! 4th day in a row now and I am already getting better at balancing on some of the poses. Complete yoga newbie but this class is perfect for me with my back pain! Can't thank you enough :)