A Story: What to Do with Allergies


For years and years I've dealt with a stuffy and runny nose (as well as constant sneezing, throat clearing and phlegm, coughing). So has my mom. And so has my sister. After I catch the flu, the sinus issues just don't go away after that. They continue.
What I know now about why this is very important for you to know.

As it turned out, my allergist was wrong. I wasn't like this all year around because of mites in my pillow, because of certain grasses, or because of certain molds.

It turns out for me that anything that induces a state of candidiasis in my body also gives me this reaction. Candida is a type of yeast. Most or all of us have it but if it gets out of balance it causes problems.

My body has a tendency to get its candida yeast out of balance in response to additives, preservatives, too much starch (potatoes or pasta, etc.), sugar, maybe even honey, many different types of breads, rice, ice cream, bagels, chocolate kisses, and more.

Temporary Solutions

What I've noted is how effective eating raw garlic is, against this state of candidiasis. Also, Olive Leaf Extract can do the same. Raw vegetables and raw vegetable juices are helpful for combatting it as well.

Products that I am aware of that help combat a state of candida in the body are ThreeLac and Candex. I have not tried them - so I cannot testify to their effectiveness. Garlic is cheaper, although I have to find ways to cover up the smell - like eating fresh parsley.

Candida can cause over 100 symptoms in the body, and it can even mimic fibromyalgia. I am still trying to figure out a way to live and eat what I want - and so I go in and out of periods of beating the sinus problems and then bringing them back again. But I am not yet able to fool my body into accepting substances that cause candida to thrive. I may have to accept different dietary guidelines for a lifetime.

One thing is for sure - it was wonderful to have a clear nose after 10 years of being stuffed up. And when you get to that point, you know that whatever you had to do to get there was worth it.

I've also tried some of the methods shared on this website, but it seems to work just fine for others, but it's pointless to me.

Claritin, Nasonex only had short term benefit. And the congestion was right back. And now that I realize the causes, it makes sense.

Spraying something up your nose does not get rid of the yeast all over the rest of your body. It only deals with the conditions happening in the nose. And that being said, I must stop writing and eat my garlic because I've been cheating - and I brought it back. But I thought if I share my awareness of the causes and some solutions that maybe you will be better at keeping on top of it than I have been lately.